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New scandal with online league in CS: GO. Players accused of cheating and match-fixing

On shooting gallery 3 online tournaments in Counter-Strike, suspicious defeats and unusual player behavior were very often encountered. Viewers regularly find moments in which players make illogical rotation on the map or strangely induced enemies through the walls. But the NoxFire league stands out even among all other tournaments: there such moments occur in most of the matches.

One of the first in the league drew the attention of Werze – one of the most experienced betters on CS. He noted an unusual change in coefficients for the match between Avangar and Bojestvata, based on which it can be assumed that the Bulgarian team could put itself against

“Meanwhile, plum matches are continuing at the NoxFire League. The first screenshot shows the usual bets on the European site, and the second shows the bets on the Asian site 5 minutes before the start of the match, when all the big bets have already been made.

This league is full of crap. I am still surprised that bookmakers add bets on it. Just unbelieveble”.

Another interesting moment occurred at the match Unicorns of Love – Nexus. With a score of 12:13 in favor of UOL, kzy decided to shoot his team mate and killed him. After that, the German team lost with a score of 14:16.

Recently, the scandal has become interested in the site VP Esports – one of the largest English-speaking e-sports resources. He conducted an investigation and provided the most suspicious moments from the games.

The main negative hero of the league is the Heavy Knockout team, which constantly surprises viewers with the most bizarre actions. She began to be suspected of cheating for more qualifications in the league. Then the team all the game very suspiciously overtighten from one point to another without any information.

And some players from the Bulgarian squad were led to the heads of enemies, as if they were not separated by a wall.

Apparently, the team used cheats in those matches when bookmakers gave it a high odds. This is confirmed by a screenshot from the team’s Discord-server, where a certain “Zazu-beast” is going to help Heavy Knockout with cheats.

“Hey guys, we finally have something for you. But you will need to practice and win qualifications. We will help you win it with cheats. ”

There is a suspicion that Zasu may be one of the organizers of the league. One source told VP Esports about the game with Heavy Knockout, where the team’s actions looked very suspicious.

“When we played against Heavy Knockout, we found something suspicious. When we rammed B on one of the cards, the HKO players constantly reinforced it with 3-4 players. It was the same with point A – sometimes even with 5 players. They always knew when we played fast and when we strengthened a position.

I decided to investigate and understand what was happening. From their movements and actions, I realized that they play like silver. Then I discovered that our game is being viewed by the admin under the nickname Eg. Then I found out that the nickname of one of the league organizers on Steam is Allen Ackberd. The bottom line is that the Eg account also had the name Allen Ackberd. He looked through the games Heavy Knockout, spied on their matches and gave them information about that. what is happening on the map, ”said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

It would seem that there are all reasons for banning several teams and players at once, however, the organizers of the league do not agree with this. They issued a statement denying the guilt of the participants and their involvement in the scandals.

Here are the main points of this statement – direct quotes:

  • “The odds for matches of other leagues change as often and suddenly as on ours”;
  • “The charges of helping the team are ridiculous and without evidence”;
  • “We requested information from the participants of the league and from the bookmakers on the charges or specific evidence. If the offices or Valve agreed to help us, we would immediately take the necessary actions against the teams responsible for unsportsmanlike behavior ”;
  •  “The coincidence of the nicknames of the spectator and the main admin is just an internal friendly joke.”

Good joke, guys. It is a pity that you will not be able to punish you right now: there is no one hundred percent proof from the accuser. Will we wait for a specific verve verdict on this circus?

Devilishly charming: what journalists say about Devil May Cry 5

Officially, Devil May Cry 5 was released tonight, but the review embargo subsided yesterday afternoon. If you have not had time to get acquainted with the estimates of the specialized media and have not read reviews from critics, then I have gathered for you a few key thoughts from the editors of the largest publications of publications.

The fifth part can not be called the best in the series. To the perfect Devil May Cry 3, it still does not reach;

Nero’s replaceable hands were not that helpful. Yes, they are cool, but you can not change the starter kit at all;

The gameplay for Wee is very different from all that we have previously seen in slasher. The long-range sorcerer allows the player to exercise control enough: you can control three demons at once – a griffin, a hand panther, and a giant Nightmare that can turn the battlefield into a bloody mess in seconds;

Dante in the game is just great. All his weapons develop as the game progresses and give him a huge amount of combat options. We add from above advanced combat styles, a new demonic form and we get a real demigod. “Infinitely steep demigod”;

The game has a minimum of experiments with the main elements of the genre. The player still proceeds from one arena to another and fights against opponents, and at the end the boss is mutant;

Because of this, the diversity of the game does not reach the DmC: Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory;

The picture is awesome.

Devil May Cry 5 very much borrowed from the previous parts, but it does not hit in self-copying, but only pays tribute to the traditions of the series;

The humor of the main characters was a success. Old Dante did not lose a drop of his charm, and Nero pretty pumped in terms of humor. Watch the squabbles young demon hunter and Niko – his engineer – a pleasure.

Replaceable prostheses Nero give him a huge variability in battle: one can slow down the enemy, with the help of the second boy begins to actually fly over the battlefield, and the third one can grab the enemy by the scruff and thoroughly roam the earth;

You need to get used to the unusual mechanics of Wee. This is a very unusual experience for the slasher – the main character, who does not use hand-to-hand combat at all, but only gives commands to his assistant demons. At the same time, it is necessary to attack opponents, to dodge their attacks, and also to finish off all those whom henchmen have zeroed their health – they themselves cannot finish anyone;

The design of ordinary opponents is a bit like the previous projects of the series, but the bosses turned out well – each of them has an unusual design and many abilities;

Devil May Cry 5 requires constant self-improvement from the player. At high levels of difficulty bosses can not be overcome with a swoop, and after the first half of the plot regularly appear new combinations of opponents;

The number of available tricks is simply enormous, and not all of them will turn out to be opened on the first pass;

The plot develops only after the first half of the game. The first few hours can be boring;

Explore the levels is not interesting, because the design of locations is rather scarce and does not offer anything except industrial premises or underground tunnels;

The game has a very large number of downloads, which is annoying. I will add from myself that the game loads quickly enough, so you can not wait for such horror as it was in Anthem.

The game appeals to the previous parts even more than you might think. Sometimes you can see the painfully familiar cutscene or an opponent that you once killed in the third or first part. And this is cool, because, again, Devil May Cry 5 does not slip into self-copying;

The game has become easier, but not enough to scare away hardcore fans. Access to new levels of difficulty opens as the game passes through, and even at the second in a row players are waiting for a test. The good news is that there are not too big jumps of complexity in the style of Devil May Cry 3;

The game strongly encourages re-passing, and she does it. With each mileage, the player is increasingly mastering the heroes and buying new upgrades, and also opens up secret areas in secluded corners of the levels;

“Entertainment, and diversity, and techniques that are useful in a variety of situations – above the roof”;

The game, unfortunately, does not move the franchise forward at all, but only brings already developed and boring ideas to perfection. This is both bad and good.